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Combining traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist, we hand prepare every dish to order using only the freshest ingredients. 

Entree - Veg

Paneer 65 (V) (Chef's Special)

Pan fried paneer and curry leaves in chef's special sauce.
$ 15.00

Paneer Tikka (4pcs) (Chef's Special) (GF) (V)

Indian cottage cheese marinated in spiced yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor. A vegetarian alternative to Chicken Tikka.
$ 14.30

Tikki Chaat (2pcs) (V) (Chef's Special)

Vegetarian patties dipped in tangy yoghurt sauce, served with an array of sweet and tangy chutneys.
$ 11.90

Paneer Khumb (2pcs) (GF) (V)

Mushrooms stuffed with spiced Indian cottage cheese, battered in chickpea flour and fried.
$ 9.50

Papdi Chaat (V)

A fabulous platter of crispy fried pastry pieces, topped with potato, chickpeas and yoghurt, served with an array of sweet and tangy chutneys.
$ 11.90

Sabzi Pattie (2pcs) (V)

A delicious vegetarian patty made from spiced mixed vegetables and served with mint, tomato and tamarind sauce.
$ 9.00

Samosa (2pcs) (V)

Triangular pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas.
$ 9.00

Vegetarian Platter (Serves 2) (V)

A combination of vegetarian entrées. Samosa, Sabzi Pattie and Paneer Khumb.
$ 22.70

Entree - Non Veg

Chicken 65 (Chef's Special)

Deep fried chicken sautéed with curry leave and green chilies in yogurt based sauce.
$ 16.20

Chilli Chicken (Chef's Special)

Deep fried chicken sautéed with green chilies and capsicum in chef's special sauce.
$ 16.20

Garlic King Prawns (Chef's Special)

King prawns in garlic, capsicum, onions and special sauce
$ 17.90

Chicken Tikka (2pcs) (GF)

Succulent thigh fillet marinated in spices and cooked traditionally in a tandoor.
$ 9.90

Kiskinda Prawns (4pcs)

Marinated king prawns and onion shreds drenched in a chickpea batter with carom seeds and deep fried.
$ 16.70

Masala Champ (2pcs) (GF)

Tender lamb chops marinated overnight in Indian spices and cooked in the tandoor.
$ 11.40

Mixed Platter (Serves 2)

A mixed platter of Samosa, Sabzi Pattie, Chicken Tikka, and Masala Champ.
$ 32.30

Chicken Nilgiri Tikka (2pcs) (Chef's Special) (GF)

Succulent thigh fillet marinated in mint and coriander with roasted spices and cooked in the tandoor.
$ 9.90

Seekh Kabab (2pcs) (GF)

‘Seekh’ means skewer. Lamb mince flavoured with various spices, spread across a seekh and cooked in the tandoor.
$ 10.70

Mains - Veg

Bhindi Do Pyaza (GF) (V)

A popular North Indian dish. Okra cooked with sliced onion, tomato, ginger-garlic and spices served semi dry.
$ 19.80

Methi Paneer (GF) (V)

Cottage cheese with fresh fenugreek leaves in creamy sauce.
$ 19.80

Kaju Paneer (V) (GF)

Cottage cheese with cashews and cream sauce.
$ 19.80

Spicy Tomato Daal (V) (Chef's Special)

Lentils cooked with tomatoes and green chillies.
$ 17.40

Mushroom Masala (Chef's Special) (GF) (V)

Mushroom and green peas cooked in onion & tomato based gravy with a hint of garam masala.
$ 19.80

Palak Daal (Chef's Special) (V)

A delicious combination of lentils, spinach and ghee tempered spices.
$ 17.40

Aloo Gobi (GF) (V)

Potato and cauliflower lightly braised with tomatoes, onions and spices.
$ 19.50

Aloo Matar (GF) (V)

Potatoes and fresh peas in a tomato and onion based gravy.
$ 19.50

Baingan Tamatar (GF) (V)

Eggplant and diced onions & capsicum cooked in a tomato gravy with garam masala and chillies.
$ 19.50

Daal Tadka (GF) (V)

Thick soup of mixed lentils sautéed with onions and tomatoes and tempered with cumin seeds and roasted red chillies.
$ 17.40

Kalimirch Kofta (V)

Spiced potato and paneer dumplings cooked in creamy cashew nut sauce and finished with black pepper.
$ 17.40

Malai Kofta (V)

Melt in your mouth spiced potato and paneer dumplings complemented by a creamy cashew nut sauce.
$ 17.40

Palak Paneer (GF) (V)

Delicious fresh, Indian cottage cheese cooked with pureed English spinach.
$ 20.30

Paneer Makhani (GF) (V)

Indian cottage cheese simmered in a rich creamy tomato sauce finished with almond powder.
$ 20.30

Paneer Mirch Masala (GF) (V)

Indian cottage cheese, diced onion and capsicum cooked in gravy, flavoured with chillies and semi-crushed black pepper, clove and cinnamon.
$ 20.30

Subzi (GF) (V)

A colourful and interesting mixture of vegetables cooked in a mild, creamy sauce. Excellent with pilau rice.
$ 19.45

Mains - Chicken

Anardana Chicken (Chef's Special) (GF)

Chicken Fillet cooked with anardhana (dried pomegranate seeds), black pepper and Chef’s special roasted spice masala.
$ 23.90

Peshwari Chicken (Chef's Special) (GF)

Chicken cooked in rich gravy finished of with a combination of dried fruit and nuts with coconut and fennel seeds.
$ 23.90

Butter Chicken (GF)

Boneless tandoori chicken in a rich tomato and cashew nut gravy finished with fenugreek leaves and a touch of cream.
$ 23.90

Chicken Chettinadu (GF)

Boneless chicken prepared with roasted spices and coconut finished with coriander, chilies and curry leaves.
$ 23.90

Chicken Korma (GF)

Boneless chicken cooked in cream based sauce with almond powder.
$ 23.90

Chicken Jalfrezi (Chef's Special) (GF)

Rich tomato gravy with capsicum, onion and a hint of garam masala.
$ 23.90

Chicken Saag (GF)

Boneless chicken cooked in creamy spinach sauce and roasted spices.
$ 23.90

Pista Murg (GF)

Chicken simmered in a combination of crushed pistachios, yogurt, cream and cardamom.
$ 23.90

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)

Overnight marinated chicken, cooked in the tandoor, then pan finished in an onion and tomato based gravy with capsicum.
$ 23.90

Chicken Vindaloo (GF)

Very popular Portuguese dish originating in Goa. Succulent chicken pieces cooked with vindaloo paste and garnished with fresh green chili.
$ 23.90

Murgh Matka Masala (GF)

Coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds sautéed with chicken fillets and cooked with in a tomato and onion based gravy, finished with fresh ginger and coriander.
$ 23.90

Mains - Lamb / Goat

Goat Kadai (Chef's Special) (GF)

Goat meat on the bone sautéed with dry red chilies, pickled onions and red capsicum.
$ 25.10

Kadai Lamb (Chef's Special) (GF)

Lamb sautéed with dry red chilies, pickled onions and red capsicum.
$ 23.90

Lamb Dhansak (Chef's Special) (GF)

Tender lamb cubes cooked with lentils, eggplant, dhansak masala and a touch of tamarind sauce.
$ 23.90

Lamb Korma (GF)

Tender lamb cubes cooked with almond, cashew nuts and cream.
$ 23.90

Lamb Saag (GF)

Tender lamb cubes cooked with spinach and spices. Finished with green chilies, tomato and ginger.
$ 23.90

Nimbu Kalimirch Gosht (GF)

Diced lamb cooked in base gravy and finished with black pepper and thinly sliced lemon with skin.
$ 23.90

Pudina Lamb (Chef's Special) (GF)

Originating in Southern India. A wonderfully, fresh exotic taste resulting from the generous amount of fresh mint, herbs, green chillies and coconut cream.
$ 23.90

Punjabi Lamb (GF)

Tender lamb cubes cooked with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh coriander and garnished with crispy potato julienne.
$ 23.90

Mains - Beef

Achari Masala Gosht (Chef's Special) (GF)

Chef speciality. Beef morsels simmered in traditional Indian pickled spices.
$ 23.90

Beef Korma (GF)

Beef morsels cooked in cream based sauce with almond powder.
$ 23.90

Beef Nariel (Chef's Special) (GF)

Beef cubes cooked in coconut based gravy.
$ 23.90

Bombay Beef (GF)

Beef, potatoes and fenugreek leaves in a creamy sauce.
$ 23.90

Beef Madras (GF)

Tender beef cubes cooked in coconut based sauce with green chilies and curry leaves.
$ 23.90

Beef Saag (GF)

Boneless beef cubes cooked with spinach and spices. Finished with green chili, tomato and ginger.
$ 23.90

Beef Vindaloo (GF)

Very popular Portuguese dish originating in Goa. Marinated beef pieces cooked with vindaloo paste and garnished with fresh green chilli.
$ 23.90

Kairali Beef (GF)

Diced beef cooked with curry leaves, cloves and coconut cream in a tomato and chilli based semi dry gravy.
$ 23.90

Mains - Seafood

Bhuna Fish (GF)

Ling fillets cooked with sautéed onions and tomatoes.
$ 25.10

Jhinga Five Spice (GF)

King prawn sautéed in Indian five spice and garlic sauce.
$ 27.50

Malabar Meen Curry (GF)

Boneless ling fish curry cooked with roasted spices, curry leaves and coconut cream.
$ 25.10

Prawn Afghani (GF)

King prawns cooked in a tomato and cashew nut based gravy with carom seeds and cream.
$ 27.50

Samundar Ka Khazana (GF)

A combination of scallop, prawn and ling fish in a coconut based gravy cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves and garlic.
$ 29.90

Indian Breads


Wholemeal bread
$ 3.50

Lachha Pratha

Flaky wholemeal bread
$ 3.80

Aloo Kulcha Naan

Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes and brushed with butter.
$ 5.10

Paneer Kulcha

Naan stuffed with Indian cottage cheese, green peas and chili flakes.
$ 5.10


Light and fluffy leavened bread, brushed with butter.
$ 3.50

Cheese Naan

Naan stuffed with tasty grated mozzarella cheese
$ 5.10

Garlic Naan

Light and fluffy leavened bread, topped with crushed garlic.
$ 4.70

Mixed Basket

Plain, garlic and cheese naan all in the one basket.
$ 12.10

Kheema Naan

Spiced lamb mince encased within a naan
$ 5.10

Peshawari Naan

A sweet treat with nuts, raisins and coconut.
$ 5.10


Goat Dum Biryani (Chef's Special)

Slow cooked goat with Chef's special spices prepared Hyderabadi style.
$ 25.10

Prawn / Fish Biryani

Prawn / Fish cooked with onions, tomatoes and green peppers with rice.
$ 28.70

Biryani Delight

A choice of vegetables, chicken, lamb or beef cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and rice.
$ 23.90

Pilau Rice (V)

Basmati rice flavoured with saffron and turmeric, mixed with green peas, raisins, almonds and cashew nuts. Perfect accompaniment for most main dishes.
$ 4.20

Basmati Rice (V)

Fragrant basmati rice with a touch of saffron.
$ 3.60


Banana and Coconut (V)

$ 4.70

Kachumber (V)

Diced tomatoes and onions in a tangy lemon dressing.
$ 4.70

Mixed Pickle (V)

Traditionally prepared lime, chilli, mango and carrot pickle.
$ 4.70

Raita (V)

Chilled yoghurt with shredded cucumber, cumin seeds and chaat masala.
$ 4.70

Pappadums (V)

A serve of six.
$ 4.70

Sweet Mango Chutney (V)

A tantalising accompanied especially with pappadums.
$ 4.70

Side Dish Platter (V)

A choice of any four accompaniments from above.
$ 13.10

Onion Salad (V)

Slices of red onion sprinkled with lemon juice.
$ 5.90

Desi Salad (V)

Cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato in a lemon dressing with Indian herbs and chaat masala.
$ 10.70

Tea / Coffee


Short Black, Long Black, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Mocha, Macchiato


English Breakfast Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Masala Chai

Hot Chocolate



Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream, where fresh milk and sugar is blended with traditional flavours creating a delicious, creamy treat. We offer you the following kulfis:
• Mango Kulfi
• Almond and Fig Kulfi
• Pistachio Kulfi

Ice Cream

We offer the following flavours:
• Chocolate Fudge
• Vanilla Bean
• Fig, Pistachio and Honey
• Flavor of the month - Please check with our friendly staff

Gulab Jamun

‘Gulab’ means rose, a succulent dumpling flavoured with cinnamon and coated in rosewater syrup. Served warm.
$ 7.80

* Some dishes may contain nuts, dairy or gluten. Please ask a staff if you have any allergy concerns.
Corkage $3.50
*10% surcharge on public holiday

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